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The Octagon, an initiative of LIFE University, is a vehicle to promote world-changing discussion related to health care and the human condition. Conceived and envisioned by Guy F. Riekeman, D.C., LIFE University’s president, The Octagon is a forum for global conversation that connects health care philosophy, vitalism and integrated cultural and biological change.

Established in 2007 The Octagon is continuing to grow and mature as it emerges as an important focal point of conversation for the chiropractic profession, the complementary and alternative health care community, the broader community of health care and society in general. Among the accomplishments of The Octagon is a series of multidisciplinary conferences addressing various aspects of health care, the conceptual models upon which it is based, the environment in which it is conducted, the goals of the efforts and the challenges that lie before our population with respect to health and healthcare. We look forward to continuing the discussion in different circles beyond health care while seeking to bring those conversations to health care as well.

We invite you to bookmark www.past.life.edu/octagon and to become a regular visitor and contributor to the conversations underway, to “like” us on Facebook, to subscribe to our updates and to envision with us what each of us can do to assure our greater well-being and in the process the greater well-being of our families, our workplaces, our communities and our society.

The proceedings of our earlier conferences and a video library of Octagon events are available for your review. The proceedings of the 2013 Octagon Conference held in September 2013 and the proceedings of the Octagon Conference 2014 are currently in production.


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