Stay Connected

  • Become a member of Dr. Riekeman’s inner circle.
  • Be the first to receive news from Life University.
  • Special invitations to private events with Dr. Riekeman during LIFEforce 1000 Insiders’ Weekend.
  • Advanced Registration and/or discounted pricing for events such as Fall CE and LIFE Vision.
  • Complimentary hotel accommodations for your first LIFEforce 1000 Insiders’ Weekend.
  • A LIFE U ID card which permits complimentary access to Wellness Center, Drs. Sid E. and Nell K. Williams Library, and on-campus sporting events, such as rugby and basketball games.
  • A VIP Parking Pass to use while on campus.

Make A Difference

  • Create new relationships and strengthen current relationships by increasing your visibility in your community.
  • Become the doctor high schools and/or universities associate with chiropractic.
  • Increase your patient pool.
  • Gain visibility for your practice on the myLIFEplus app which lists LIFEforce 1000 doctors under myProviders.
  • Network with other successful LIFEforce 1000 chiropractors.
  • Mentor current and prospective students.
  • Extend LIFEforce 1000 only benefits to your prospective students

Change The World

  • Raise awareness of Chiropractic around the world.
  • Increase the number of vitalistic chiropractors worldwide.
  • Make a difference with Lasting Purpose: To Give, To Do, To Love, To Serve – Out of a Sense of Abundance