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LIFEforce 1000 is a group of 1,000 dynamic Chiropractors who have committed to Changing the World.

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Life University has created a powerful vision for the college, our profession and Chiropractic worldwide.  It all comes down to me; it all comes down to you; come join us.
Dr. Shawn Ferguson, Board of Trustee, Life University
Think what 1,000 chiropractors, focused and switched on, motivated by Lasting Purpose, could do to make a difference in a prospective student’s life and in a world thirsting for our Principle.  Will you join me in this quest? Will you become an ambassador of change, hope, and vision? Will you become one of ‘us’… a LIFEforce 1000 member?
- Dr. Guy Riekeman, President, Life University
People ask me all the time how I’ve sent over 140 students to chiropractic college.  Anybody who knows me knows that I’m not a salesman; everything is from the heart for me.  I don’t have any special programs or lectures; no fancy literature… I just simply say to every patient on one of their visits, ‘Have you ever thought about being a chiropractor?’ I say it even to 85 year-old great-grandmothers. They laugh and then on their next visit, they’ll come in and say, ‘You know, I have a grandson who’s thinking about getting into healthcare.’ So if you start saying this to patients and create a little energy around finding prospective students, getting 5 students in 4 years is easy. And there is only one thing more professionally fulfilling and emotional than having a student go to school because of you, and that’s when one of your children decides to follow in your footsteps… I have a son at Life University
-Ernie Landi, DC, LIFEforce 1000 doctor
Six years ago, I decided along with a small group of friends to personally make sure Life University survived and would thrive.  I decided the best way to do that was to send students.  Since that commitment, I’ve been responsible for hundreds of students finding Life University and finding their purpose in life. And it’s all done by getting a few doctors together and hosting a simple evening for prospective students. We explain Chiropractic, the lifestyle of a chiropractor, what it takes to enter Life University and the Lasting Purpose principle.  It has been the highlight of my career, and it will be yours, too.  At the LIFEforce 1000 Insiders’ Weekend, the LIFEforce staff will give you everything you need, and chances are I’ll be there to great you as well.
-Joe Lupo, DC, Board of Trustee, Life University
I just wanted to let you know how excited we were about our last LIFEforce 1000 training.  Once we arrived, you could tell that Lasting Purpose is alive and well at Life University.  When we entered the vastly upgraded campus facilities, we couldn’t help but comment on how beauty now meets form and function. We were not just greeted by staff and faculty, but welcomed as if we were returning home.  Seeing the 2020 vision and the passion with which it is being presented made us excited and proud to be a part of LIFEforce 1000, for the future of Chiropractic as well as Life University.

There were many great presentations, and it was wonderful to meet so many dynamic chiropractors who are helping to shape and lead our profession’s future.  For us, the fellowship was one of the most enjoyable parts of the weekend.  We have reconnected with old classmates and made many new friends that will continue to grow. Most importantly, though, realizing that with 1,000 chiropractors making a small commitment over the next five years, our profession will grow as we fill up the school with principled chiropractic students, reaffirming that we are now part of something with a reach much bigger than just our own community.

-Dr. Norman Colby and Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby, LIFEforce 1000 doctors
The LIFEforce 1000 mission has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my professional career.  Most people need to keep their philanthropy, volunteer work, recreation and careers all separate. I look at it as a blessing and so congruent to be able to combine all those areas and energy in the same direction and for the same purpose.
Stu Katzen, DC, LIFEforce 1000 doctor
I was attracted to LIFEforce 1000 because it’s a group of like-minded individuals who share a common philosophy and belief in the power of chiropractic!!… LIFEforce 1000 provides an avenue to help guide high-quality individuals into a profession so that they can make a great life for themselves and impact others’ lives along the way.
Kreg Huffer, DC, LIFEforce 1000 doctor
I am a LIFEforce 1000 doctor because it gives me such a great opportunity to give back to this great profession of ours. I love to turn young people, and some not so young people, on to a career that is full of purpose and in which you get financially rewarded to go to work at a job that you look forward to going to every day.
Sharon Gorman, DC, Board of Trustee, Life University